Infuel Energy Coffee

Infuel Energy Coffee

Infuel Energy Coffee

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Your morning coffee just got a serious boost!

  • Wake up to coffee with a difference – as well as caffeine, each tasty cup is also packed with cognitive-supporting nutrients like antioxidants, magnesium, and potassium to fuel you all day long
  • Say goodbye to jitters and late-afternoon crashes – this super-tasty medium-light roast keeps you going without any negative side effects due to the extra brain-happy ingredients
  • Roasted and dispatched on the same day – for unbeatable taste and peak freshness straight from the source

It can be hard to get going some days – and feeling groggy in the morning can easily develop into frustratingly unproductive days, or even weeks. That’s why we have formulated Infuel Energy Coffee to give you a buzz that keeps you going all day, without the anxiety-jitters or late-afternoon crashes.

This one-of-a-kind brew provides a tasty caffeine kick* with a side of cognitive-supporting ingredients like potassium and magnesium, as well as antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress. Each sip of this  medium-light roast powers your brain with all you need to concentrate, focus, and embrace whatever the day throws at you.

These premium whole bean coffee beans are roasted on the same day as they’re dispatched and ethically sourced. So, you can rest-assured you are getting a high-quality brew in every cup.

* If you’re looking for a higher caffeine blend, check out our super-charged InFuel Energy PLUS Coffee. 

    Regular price $19.95
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    “This coffee really makes my day! I’ve never had a coffee before that didn’t give me an awful headache in the afternoon, but this one fits the bill.”

    - Jamie S


    • Why is Infuel Energy better than regular coffee?

      This intelligent coffee blend may taste just as good as your favourite premium coffee brand, but it delivers so much more than just caffeine.

      Each sip sets you up for a positive, motivational day with brain-friendly ingredients like antioxidants, magnesium, and potassium, as well as caffeine.

      If you’re looking for a higher caffeine blend, check out our super-charged InFuel Energy PLUS Coffee. 

    • What is the difference between InFuel Energy Coffee and InFuel Energy PLUS Coffee?

      Both of our coffee products have the same brain-supporting nutrients, smooth taste, and reduced side effects, but InFuel Energy PLUS Coffee has more caffeine for those of you who like it stronger.

    • Where does this whole bean coffee come from?

      The beans in our Energy Coffee are ethically and sustainably sourced from Tanzania and India.

    • What does roast-to-order mean?

      To ensure your coffee gets to you as fresh as possible, we wait until we receive your order before starting the coffee roasting process. We roast your coffee and dispatch it the same day to guarantee it's at maximum freshness when it arrives on your doorstep.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Michael Long

    The only way I start my morning. Clean, healthy, and the best part it doesn't leave "coffee fuzzies" on my teeth!

    Abigale Blackmore

    It's actually perfect. I usually add sugar and creamer to coffee to hide the bitter aftertaste, but no need to with bulletproof. This is a high quality product.

    Samuel K
    My monthly treat!

    I'm really happy with this new coffee that I ve been using for the last 4 months now

    Jenny G
    Very nice coffee

    5+ stars

    Sam H
    So much energy

    Great coffee, 1 cup enough energy for the day

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