Infuel Turmeric

Infuel Turmeric

Infuel Turmeric

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Fight signs of ageing and inflammation with this super-charged spice

  • Protects your joints – the anti-inflammatory properties in our concentrated turmeric formula help to reduce joint discomfort during exercise and daily activities
  • Supports serotonin and endorphin production – turmeric can help enhance your memory, focus, and reasoning, so you’re ready for anything life throws at you
  • Allows antioxidant enzymes to do their thing this supplement contains a unique chemical structure that enhances antioxidant effects
  • Protects your heart – formulated to show your heart some love, this blend improves the function of the endothelium – the lining of your blood vessels
  • Unbeatable formula – we’ve added BioPerine to enhance absorption by up to 2000%, so you can enjoy all the goodness of turmeric, and then some!

A golden spice with a golden reputation – turmeric has well and truly earned its superfood status with all the health benefits it can offer. But what if we said we could make it work even harder? Our Infuel Turmeric supplements use scientific innovation to enhance turmeric’s bioavailability and take its powers one step further.

Inflamed joints stopping you from living the life you want to lead? Niggly joint pains getting you down? Or maybe those pesky allergies are stopping you from doing the things you love? Our turmeric and BioPerine formula can help you get back on track.

As well as improving your overall wellbeing, these handy supplements can also help rewind the body clock. They get straight to work on strengthening your arteries, joints, and organs to keep you fighting fit, as well as enhancing your memory, focus and motivation, so your brain can keep up.

Regular price $16.95
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"After just a week, my joints don't hurt as much, and I can play tennis again without suffering for days afterwards!"

- Danny. S
Equipped with potent compounds that promote healthy joints

"I was skeptical - but after 1 bottle the difference is pretty crazy. Joints went from aching to practically no pain at all."

Ashton W


  • What is turmeric?

    Turmeric is a spice with major benefits for your brain and body. Most of its benefits come from the active ingredient curcumin.

  • What are the main benefits of turmeric?

    • Can help protect your joints and soothe discomfort

    • Supports endorphin and serotonin production

    • Enhances memory, focus and reasoning

    • Protects your heart and blood vessels

  • Can I make a turmeric latte with these capsules?

    Yes! Simply open up a capsule or two and mix them into warm milk or plant milk to make a yummy golden latte – if that’s your thing.


A recipe for clear states, information absorption and all things hyper-productive.

At Lifehack, we’re for products that support busy schedules. Loaded with B-Vitamins, Magnesium, Selenium and DMAE, it’s no wonder why your recall and attention is lifted. Infuel Focus Boost Supplement brings the “a-ha” moments and the deep work that makes the magic happen.

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